Kini Kase (2023)

Kini Kase
Genre: Drama, Premium
Stars: Ibrahim Chatta, Kemi Apesin, Apa
Release Date: 2023
Runtime: 86mins

Marriage, a black market you do not know what’s in your package but it gets unfolded with time. It is not always about a perfect couple but two imperfect people willing to compromise and enjoy each other’s differences. Taiwo and Kenny contracted a seasoned marriage counselor to seek help for their marriages that was gradually falling apart with each one narrating their horrible experiences with their spouse.

Marriage is often compared to a black market because, just like a mystery package, you never truly know what you’re getting until it unfolds over time. It’s not about finding a perfect couple, but rather two imperfect individuals who are willing to make compromises and embrace each other’s differences.

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Taiwo and Kenny realized that their marriages were gradually falling apart, and they decided to seek help from a seasoned marriage counselor. They were desperate to save their relationships, as they had been experiencing a series of horrible experiences with their spouses.

Opening up and sharing their stories with the counselor was the first step on the path to healing and rebuilding their marriages. With guidance and support, they were able to navigate through their challenges and work toward a healthier and happier relationship. Remember, seeking professional help when facing difficulties in a marriage can often be the catalyst for positive change.

Find out more in this Yoruba movie. Starring Ibrahim Chatta | Kemi Apesin | Apa | Funmilayo Omikunle and many others.

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