‘Shanty Town’ – Here Are Some Hidden Fact You Didn’t Know About The Nollywood Series

Shanty Town is a 2023 Nigerian crime thriller created by Xavier Ighorodje and Chichi Nworah and produced by Ini Edo and Chi Chi Nworah, the six-part series was released to Netflix on 20 January 2023.

The series stars Chidi Mokeme, Ini Edo, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Sola Sobowale, Nancy Isime, Shaffy Bello, Ali Nuhu and a host of others.


Shanty Town follows the story of a ruthless leader named Scar (Chidi Mokeme) who handles a lot of dirty business and is popularly regarded as the King of Shanty Town.

Some of the Lagos hustlers who Scar and his associates have held captive has now decided to unite and wage war against him after it was discovered that captives that Scar supposedly sets free are always missing from existence.

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Shanty Town is a town for drug dealers, prostitutes, and thugs. A town where crime has its throne.

Inem’s life is briefly glossed over and replaced by the good things said about her by characters such as Jackie (Mercy Eke) and Mama T (Sola Sobowale) despite the fact that she’s the core of the series as intended by the prologue.


Courtesan Jackie (Mercy Eke) has now earned enough to make her gain her freedom from Shanty Town, a town led by Scar (Chidi Mokeme), a drug kingpin and pimp.

Meanwhile, Ene (Nse Etim-Ikpe) picks up a former associate from prison.


Inem (Ini Edo), a former associate and member of the Shanty Town regains freedom from prison and returns to Shanty Town as Jackie is about to make her getaway.

As Jackie makes her getaway from Shanty Town, Scar double crosses and kills her.


Scar finds himself caught up between two powerful political entities, Chief Fernandez (Richard Mofe-Damijo) and Dame (Shaffy Bello).

At this point, Fernandez and Dame need Scar to do something for both of them to aid their political aims.


Inem goes to work at the club, unfortunately for her, she catches the eyes of a dangerous guest, Chief Fernandez, who molested her.

Scar asks Shalewa (Nancy Isime) to get close to Chief Fernandez’s son, Femi Fernandez, to help her clear her debt and gain freedom from Shanty Town.


Shalewa begins to make progress on the mission Scar gives to her as Femi asks her on a date, however it becomes clear that Inem isn’t actually Inem as she’s Inem’s twin sister who was sent as an undercover agent to trace Shanty Town’s missing women.


Inem’s twin who’s been acting as Inem confronts Ene about Jackie’s disappearance and the ladies hence sort to go after Scar and gain freedom from Shanty Town.


  • Chidi Mokeme as Scar
  • Ini Edo as Inem and Idong
  • Richard Mofe-Damijo as Chief Fernandez
  • Sola Sobowale as Mummy Tornado
  • Nse Ikpe-Etim as Ene
  • Zubby Michael as Colorado
  • Nancy Isime as Shalewa
  • Shaffy Bello as Dame Dabola
  • Mercy Eke as Jackie
  • Ali Nuhu as Accountant
  • Uche Jombo as Detective Janice
  • and many others…

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